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As someone who has frequently used noise canceling headphones onflight, I truly attest to the claim that they can indeed make your flying experience a lot more welcoming. At least for now, I don't have to live with the incessant hissing from the drone of the aircraft engine, the humming of the fans or other irritating noises coming from the surroundings while I laze in my economy seat.

It seemed incredible but this is actually made possible by simple audio technology. Microphones in the noise canceling headphones send out sound waves to combat noise whenever they detect its presence. In fact, on most airlines, they actually distribute noise canceling headphones to their guests on business and first class!

Naturally, all of us will like to get the best quality headphones. That is, if price is not an issue. But the truth is, money does matters. After all, the cost of a set of high end noise canceling headphones such as Bose Quiet Comfort series can cut you back by a hefty $300 or more. Hence, before deciding other form factors or criteria which I'll be discussing later, it's imperative that you decide the amount you're willing to spend. That will in turn help you narrow down to the brands and models to review.

For example, if your budget is about $150, you may want to consider only brands like Sennheiser which has an excellent series of noise canceling at that price. Brands like Bose would be of a less likely consideration since they would probably cost you much more than that.

(2) Noise Canceling Sound Quality

What good is a pair of noise canceling headphones if it doesn't perform well in that department? You might as well get use a conventional set of headphones! Your personal preference for the extent of the noise cancellation onflight and the quality of the sound experience can easily influence your decision on the headphones to select.

For example, if you're someone particular about the enjoying your music onflight, getting a higher end set can be just a thin line separating heaven and earth!

Noise canceling headphones are usually wore for a stretched period of time, depending on the duration of your flight. They can be a strain if the headphone cups are too tight over the ears. On the other hand, if they're too loose, you probably have to prop them up everytime you lower your head! Put it simply, we want something that gives the right fit.

A rule of thumb is to ensure that the cups of the headphones go over your ears instead of on them and give a nice fit without losing too much coverage on the sound. At the end of the day, I'll rather pay more for a pair noise sol republic cancelling headphones which scores well in the comfort department than something that's less expensive but totally unbearable.

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