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The best quality watches

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With every year that goes by, the majority of the free world becomes more and more civilized. But centuries ago, people weren't afforded the rights and protections we have now. The term Spanish Inquisition originally came about because of the terror it caused the people of the Iberian Peninsula years ago. At first these methods were used to get rid of citizens which the Spanish Government thought were unpure. Later however Spanish Inquisition Torture Devices were used for political objectives.

Some of the most Common Spanish Inquisition Torture Devices used back then were:

Heretics Fork - This was one of the Torture Methods used that had two pitchforks. One would be placed under the chin and the other under the sternum. The victim would feel intense pain until they admitted their guilt, at fear of being burned at the stake or hung.

Lead Sprinkler - This device looks basically like your regular sprinkler head, without stands to secure it to the ground. It's made oil press machine of metal with a rounded shape end with holes in it. It was usually filled with boiling water or oil. The contents were slowly dripped on various parts of the victims body.

Thumb Screw - These Spanish Inquisition Torture Devices were used to slowly crush someones fingers or toes. At the top of the machine is a lever that turns around in circles. Each time a revolution is made, the torture machine forces itself down a little bit more. But the mechanics of this machine won't stop until the victims fingers or toes are completely crushed.

Another one of the Spanish Inquisition Torture Devices we were able to observe was the Tongue Tearer. It almost looks like an oversized pair of Aviation Snips. This device will cut a human tongue out effortlessly. Back in the day, these were very popular. It's nice to know that we live in a civilization that doesn't use these. Count your blessings.

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