The best quality watches

The best quality watches

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Monster beats by dre studio has a very shiny paint, which is very rare in the headset. Regardless of any color version of the monster beats studio will have a piano paint the general texture.

Leather material earmuffs, to give the user a very comfortable wearing experience. In the process of using over ear headphones, I am not like that, earmuffs poor ventilation, sweat ears are feeling by the long time listen to the music, especially in the use of larger over ear headphones.

How to monster beats evaluate a headset sound quality, this is a very difficult problem. Different hifi headphones fans have different answers. I try to use simple language to describe what I feel the sound quality.

Simply put, monster beats by dre studio is a great headset. If you give it into a classification. Monster studio should belong to the civilian hifi headphones (not professional level). Why do I say? follow this Monster Beats website By Dre Studio Review articles i will show you the answer.

Monster studio's performance in the bass is very great, it can be said, at the same price of other headphones, not a force in the performance on the bass can better than than Monster studio.

This may be because monster in the development of this headset, it already became a popular street for the Studio headphones positioning. The pure American street music is in need of such powerful bass performance. So Monster studio is ideal for ROCK, RAP, and other very strong sense of rhythm music.

In the human voice, Monster beats by dre studio's vocal performance was not as good as its bass performance is so good. But overall, the performance of the human voice in my acceptable range. Voice not to be confused with the music, the sound field broad, general good.

The last one, the monster studio's high frequency performance. aha? You dont know what is the high frequency? ok. did you have listen to Vitas? Vitas is very good at performing HF(high frequency) songs. let me tell you, dont use monster stuido to listen to Vitas.

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